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Resting is Recovering

As humans, we work. We wake-up, make breakfast, we work, we run the kids around to their extracurricular activities, we hit the gym and workout, we make dinner, we work to get ready for the next day... All day long we work. When is there time to rest?

Here's a simple answer: Make time.

Start by listening to your body. If you're feeling worn down, beat up, and tired, chances are you need to rest. Our bodies are well oiled machines and sometimes, the oil needs to be replenished in order for your body to function properly. Many factors can help recovery which we're covered in an blog post in early 2017. Though, the simple idea of rest could make a world of difference.

CrossFit is addicting, trust me, I know first hand. Even though intensity is good for the body, too much of it can also wear the body down to the point that it doesn't have time to play recover. So, what can we take out of one day to allow are body a little time to play catch-up? We can't take work out of the day, because, well, the income is good. I'm sure the kids will be disappointed if they miss soccer practice. We need to eat good food, so don't skip dinner. Maybe we skip the gym? Replace the gym with some family time, head out and play 18 holes, or food prep some lunches for the rest of the week.

It's just one day. Rome wasn't built in a day. Listen to your body and make time for yourself to rest. I give you my blessing!

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