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Member Spotlight: Fran Quinn

An OG around these parts, Fran is a family man, an avid golfer, enjoys a nice pint of craft brew, and strong... I mean, really strong. He'll walk into the gym, tell you he shot an even par on the course yesterday and then proceed to deadlift a bus (not really, but he can move a lot of weight)! He finds time to manage work, family, and an hour long class. Since the early days of Kazam, he's always been very active in the community; attending events, competitions, participating in the Open, and staying to get in extra work. If you have taken a class with him, you know that he's one to make you laugh when you need it most! This all around good, strong guy is our Member Spotlight... Let's get to know him a bit more, shall we!


"Fran Quinn"

Where are you from?:

"Quakertown, PA originally. Currently living in Limerick, PA."

What is your athletic background?:

"I've done athletics all my life, always needing to stay active. I played sports growing up and played 2 years of D3 College Basketball."

What was your first experience with CrossFit?:

"A friend had free classes at his box in Quakertown. I would go up every Saturday morning for 2 months for a class."

When did you start CrossFit?:

"Unofficially a few months before Kazam opened. Officially the day that Kazam had their first WOD."

Why did you chose CrossFit Kazam?:

"At first - location, can't beat a 3 minute commute. After that, the people and community! And especially the coaches!"

What keeps you coming back?:

"The challenge! Everyday I try to take the hour and give it 100% of what I have that particular day."

How do you like to spend your free time (other than CrossFit)?:

"I love going to the beach, playing with the kids in the ocean, and playing golf."

What are one or two improvements in your life since starting CrossFit?:

"I've lost a couple pounds since starting. Adding at least a club of distance to my overall golf game."

What have been some notable achievements at CrossFit Kazam?:

"Winning Barbells and Brews. Also, exceeding 1,100 pounds on the CrossFit Total."

What would you tell someone thinking about starting CrossFit?:

"Just do it! Find the right place for your goals and enjoy being a part of a great community. CrossFit will make you fitter than you are without it."

What’s your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movement?:

"Favorite: I'm sure everyone expected me to say deadlift - but it's actually the bar muscle-up!

Least Favorite: Wall Walks - They just kill me, I get fatigued real quick."

What’s your favorite cheat meal?:

"Beer - any meal that I can have with a beer."

Anything else you would like to share with your Kazam family…. Kazamily!?:

"THANK YOU! Everyday I get a little inspiration from all of you. When I miss a class or multiple classes, I really feel like I am missing a chance to see a member of our community achieve a goal."

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