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Naughty or Nice?

Tis' the Christmas season and we're only a mere 3 weeks away from 2018. You know what that means... kicking off the New Year with a nutrition challenge! Leading up to the challenge, I asked you guys to practice counting your macros and finding ways to hit your numbers to enhance your opportunities for success.

Hopefully with the outline and chats we've had, we have a general understanding of how to count macros and ways to hit our goals. Today, let us talk briefly about the days leading up to that challenge, because we all know holiday eating is tough.

Three course meals, cookies, lots of beer, rum and cokes, eggnog, cheesecake... oh my! The selections are endless and the temptations are at their worst. It's an all-out feast, I understand! Though, there are ways we can make it manageable.

Here's a few tips to get you through those holiday get-togethers:

1) Enjoy yourself, don't indulge. Have a cookie or two, no one said you can't! Though, maybe portion it out and have just one or two. If you made a whole batch, don't sit down and eat them all at once. Spread it out throughout a week and it would certainly be more manageable.

2) Substitute one bad thing for one good thing. Sitting down with family for a holiday meal? Instead of reaching for the bread basket, reach for an extra helping of the mixed vegetables.

3) Later on, make up for the bad things with good things. When you're not with family and friends celebrating the holidays, remember to eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.

4) Have an accountability partner. Before heading to those holiday get-togethers, reach out to your spouse or family member and say "hey, don't let me fill my dessert plate with more than _________."

5) Don't neglect the gym! We're open everyday except Christmas (and Sunday's), so make sure to not miss out on those workouts to burn off those extra holiday treats!

Happy Holidays!

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