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CrossFit Kids Summer Camp 2017 Recap

The 3rd Annual CrossFit Kids Summer has come to an end and I would love to share some of my favorite memories and highlights of the week. This year we had 13 campers ranging from ages 3-13 years old. I also had two volunteers, Chris and Elizabeth Beehler who have been dedicated members to CrossFit Kazam since opening day. Not only are they both amazing role models for our Lil’ and Future Superheroes but they also helped me get through camp each day by cleaning up, setting up and taking good care of our youngest campers. Thank you again to Chris and Eliz!

No matter how young or old our campers were, I had activities and WODS that challenged all of them! The kids favorite games were Jedi, Star Wars tag, and of course Dodgeball. They also loved creating their own WODS, flipping tires and climbing ropes! After lunch each day they had 15 minutes of “free time” which was supposed to also be “quiet time” (that didn’t last long). On most days they spent their time making forts and using their imagination… it was really cool to watch until they would tackle their forts down which resulted in some screams, some laughs and sometimes even some tears.

The highlight of my week was when the kids were sitting at lunch and they saw our Superhero Sheets that Coach Kyle made for us. The words “Guardians of the Galaxy, Defenders, X-men and Avengers” sparked their interest. They asked me what that was for and I explained it to them. Right after lunch they put their paws right inside the box and started looking at the sheets. Next thing I knew the kids were asking me to time their 200m run, 400m run, etc. They wanted to be a Guardian of the Galaxy! When I got home from camp that evening I sat down and made them their own superhero sheets that were more developmentally appropriate for their ages. Their sheets had three levels: Justice League, Web Warrior and Teen Titan. The kids spent the remainder of the week working on their sheets while celebrating their success and understanding that it’s ok to have some weaknesses too. I loved watching them succeed especially after failing on their first couple attempts. The kids never gave up and learning the true meaning of hard work!

On Friday, Coach Kyle spent some time with the campers showing them advanced skills like muscle ups, peg board, handstand walks, and more! The kids loved seeing all the amazing fitness skills Kyle can do! Thank you again to Kyle and the rest of the Kazamily for supporting our kids program, adjusting your schedules for the week and being awesome role models!!

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