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Member Spotlight: Courtney

In the CrossFit world. Courtney hasn't been in the game for very long. Just a few months into it the fitness program, Kazam has become a second home for her. I see her here 5 times a week, and that was from week one. On the outside looking in, some may call it an obsession; but here, we call it dedication. You can see her willingness to become better has certainly paid off. Courtney's steady growth is paving way for big things in the future and I can say for everyone at Kazam, we're very excited to see what the future has in store!


“Courtney Huber”

Where are you from?:

“Born and raised in East Stroudsburg, current live in Sanatoga.”

What is your athletic background?:

“None, really. I’ve tried so many things but didn’t stay with it for one reason or another.”

What was your first experience with CrossFit?:

“AKA the day I almost died J. It was a tough hero workout, but as soon as I could breathe again, I loved it. The feeling of accomplishment was fantastic.”

When did you start CrossFit?:

“September 2017.”

Why did you chose CrossFit Kazam?:

“My friend Brooke told me how much she liked it. Thanks Brooke!”

What keeps you coming back?:

“The people, the coaches, and the workouts! I really love the variety and just the overall atmosphere.”

How do you like to spend your free time (other than CrossFit)?:

“Taxi driver for 2 teenagers, hanging out with friends, baking, napping, and spoiling my dogs.”

What are one or two improvements in your life since starting CrossFit?:

“1) I am much stronger than I’ve ever been. And 2) I am becoming a much more confident person.”

What have been some notable achievements at CrossFit Kazam?:

“1st competition completed in February!”

What would you tell someone thinking about starting CrossFit?:

“Just give it a try. You can modify any movement or workout – no matter your current fitness level.”

What’s your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movement?:

“Favorite – Anything except wall balls and weightlifting. Least favorite – Wall Balls.”

What’s your favorite cheat meal?:

“Burger and Beer.”

Anything else you would like to share with your Kazam family…. Kazamily!?:

“I’m pretty sure that there were a few people (at home and Kazam) that thought I’d never go back after that 1st class. It was empowering to finish such a tough workout. Initially that feeling of accomplishment was what kept me coming back… like a drug. Then I started to make friends, and realized even though we all have different fitness backgrounds, we still had a lot in common. I look forward to every workout (even when wall balls are scheduled!), seeing friends, accomplishing a goal together and improving my health (mentally and physically) everytime I checkin to Kazam. Coach Kyle has formed a great community and I am so thankfull!!”

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