Daily Fitness

Daily Fitness is a group class, led by an experienced, passionate coach looking to help each individual reach their goals. At Kazam, we vary our workouts day-to-day, some may be intense, some may include body-weight movements, dumbbells, medicine ball, or cardio respiratory endurance. No routines, it's the enemy! In these group classes, instructors lead the group through a warm-up, instruction of movements, the workout, and a cool-down. Our community of individuals support one another to strive to be do their very best in each and every workout.


Everyone has heard of a bootcamp class, right? This is our version! Speedy like The Flash, FlashFit is a 30 minute, barbell-less class designed to optimize your fitness in a short amount of time. In FlashFit, no fitness is hindered due to time restriction. The intense, functional movements are still there; we just tailor the workout to a quick in-and-out format.


Long, sweaty, and always different, this endurance class will challenge you to pace and maintain cardiovascular respiratory endurance and build your stamina throughout a 35 to 45 minute duration. This class is run on Saturday mornings from 10:30-11:30am.


Open gym is a time set aside during the day to do whatever you want! This is a great time for extra work on top of the Daily Fitness, or time for you to do a program on your own. A coach is always around if you have any questions.


From monthly challenges, to in-house skills workshops, your membership includes amenities provided to you by Kazam to help you better your health and fitness. We're always finding ways to make your fitness fun and exciting! We build a stronger community, together!