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In The Words Of Schwarzenegger- "I'll Be Back."

When Kyle asked me to write this blog, many ideas went through my head. I pondered topics like “Keep up the good work” or “Stick with it." Though, I felt phrases like that were too permanent. I do not want this to be a goodbye, but more of a see you later blog post. When I come back, I know my Kazamily will be right there welcoming me back and letting me hop right back into the swing of things with them.

Over my time at Kazam, not only have I grown physically, but being surrounded by a wonderful group of people it has helped me grow into someone who I am proud to be. Just by stepping into the gym and being surrounded by people who always want to better themselves, has showed me that everyday is a day to keep striving to work harder to change who I am.

During the years Kazam has been open, I have tested and received my level one certification to be able to coach classes. This experience of being able to coach some awesome individuals a few times a week has been a blast. Helping people achieve their goals has been wonderful. Watching people grow their capabilities and talents has been such journey to be a part of.

Having a group of people that always strive to better themselves,

makes coaching not only easier, but makes working out beside them a motivation for me to push harder. I know that when I come back that I will be welcomed and that I will fit right back in.

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