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Member Spotlight: Elyse Bealer

Shortly before or right after our first annual Memorial Day Murph was Elyse's first class at Kazam. I can remember trying to describe the workout to her and could sense this overwhelming emotion of "oh my, what did I get myself into?!" After the first couple sessions with Elyse, I could tell she wasn't thinking that anymore. The movements became second nature with Elyse's active background. With minor tweaks, tips, and drills, she was advancing quickly in the movements and progressions. Just a few months in and at the end of summer, during a sunny afternoon, Elyse pulls me aside and says "Oh hey, by the way, I'm pregnant and my doctor advised me against CrossFit since I'm so new to it." Yes, CrossFit during pregnancy is definitely a real thing and can be done (and has been done) up until birth, I didn't want to go against doctor's orders. Last spring, Elyse can back and just like her first couple of months, picked back up on things very, very quick. Almost a full year back into it, with a family and 3 kids, and a full time job, Elyse is in here at least 5 times a week. Now that's some serious mommy power! Her most recent notable PR's that stand out to me have been her entire 2017 CrossFit Open Rx (and did well!), she can now do 1-legged squats on BOTH legs, and she has been working really, really hard and is coming very, very close to her first bar muscle-up! You'll get it soon, Elyse, I know you will!


Elyse Bealer

Where are you from?:

Wyoming, Oklahoma, and mostly Texas

What is your athletic background?:

Former gymnast

What was your first experience with CrossFit?:

I’m a member of the Healthcare Business Women’s Association and I attended a Fit to Lead event at a box on the Main Line in 2015 – I was hooked right away!

When did you start CrossFit?:

Technically started in May 2015 – took a 9 month hiatus in August 2015 though to have my 3rd baby. I came back in May 2016.

Why did you chose CrossFit Kazam?:

Location and CrossFit Kids Classes. It also helps that Coach Kyle keeps the box so clean you could eat off the floor (…may or may not have done this w/ my baby).

What keeps you coming back?:

The people and the progress!

How do you like to spend your free time (other than CrossFit)?:

Finding fun things (preferably outdoors) to do with the kiddies)

What are one or two improvements in your life since starting CrossFit?:

1. Stress relief and better sleep at night (…minus the waking babies!)

2. Increased confidence and greater willingness to try new things

What have been some notable achievements at CrossFit Kazam?:

I’m super pumped that I’ve crossed two goals off my list for 2017 (pistols and 100# snatch)!! I’m also pleased that Kazam has pushed me to attempt things I wouldn’t have considered on my own – like Rxing Open workouts or trying to do a bar muscle up.

What would you tell someone thinking about starting CrossFit?:

Jump in! The coaches and community will rally around you to support your fitness goals.

What’s your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movement?:

Favorite: Handstand Push-ups

Least Favorite: Overhead Squats

What’s your favorite cheat meal?:


Anything else you would like to share with your Kazam family…. Kazamily!?:

Y’all are simply the best! You inspire and motivate me, you push me to be better and don’t let me quit, you care about my family and I. I’m SO appreciative of your partnership in my fitness journey.

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